Sooky Lah Saks are designed to carry your lunch and snacks in a simple and user friendly way and to keep everything as fresh as it was first put in.
If your wanting your lunch to stay chilled throw an ice brick into your lunch bag and no sogginess will come about and they are a great alternative
to plastic baggies and cling wrap and make fitting everything in your lunchbox/ handbag that bit easier than tupperware. The inner fabric is a
waterproof ripstop nylon making the Sak easy to care for in washing and wiping out.

Our swim bag collection is handmade with a premium waterproof lining and durable drill cotton outer.

# Wash befoe First Use

# Saks Can be Used Again And Again with nothing more than a simple shake over the bin or sink or wipe out with a damp sponge/cloth

# If You Sak has had some Messy Food in it for the day, Simply Wash up in soapy Warm Water with the dishes and hang to dry on a drying
rack or upside down over a glass/ cup ( for Quick drying)

# Machine Wash ( cold wash) with similar colours

# For those who simply cant go a day without their Sak (and I've heard of a few cases) Clothes Dryers are perfectly fine
be very versatile with the use of all food groups.

# Cut up Fruits, dry biscuits, made sandwiches with meats (kept cool)

# Swim bags will work best if all wet items are wrung out before putting in the bag.

# Do not iron Girls best friend saks.

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