Image of MARVEL Swim SAK

The BEST $25 You will have spent all year!!!!

No need to worry about wetting all your dry clothes and towels..... Simply open up your Sooky Lah Swim Sak and place your wet (& maybe sandy) swimwear, wetshirts, boardshorts, googles, floaties, hats, shoes etc inside. Zip to close . Complete with handle for ease to carry.

When back at home simply shake out water/ sand and she is ready to go again!!!!

Our Swim SAKs have many uses

* Lunch Bags/Box
* Esky
* Gym Bags
* Nappie Bags
* Library Bag
and many many more ....

Inner- Premium waterproof fabric


Dimensions : 37cm x 34 cm (may vary )

Note: Swim SAKS work more effectively when swimwear is wrung out.


Image of MARVEL Swim SAK