Baby Shower Cub SAK

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Image of Baby Shower Cub SAK

Our Cub Sak is lined with a premium waterproof lining & Zipper to fasten shut.
These have been nicknamed the " Ultra Handy Sak" and are great for holding all types of things
e.g Toiletry bag, Sheet bag, Lunch bag. Pencils and coloring book bag ,Picnic bag, Drink bottle holder. Gym bag. Keys, phone & wallet bag, passports and documents for traveling. Swimwear ,rashshirt, boardies and sunscreen. Nappies,wipes, pacifier, creme & medication just to name a few........

Dimensions: 23 cm x 34 cm

# Actual size will vary ever slightly
# PUL Colour will vary


Image of Baby Shower Cub SAK Image of Baby Shower Cub SAK